Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Squishy" Scissors

Squishy scissors...what are those?! Well let me share, actually let me RAVE about "squishy scissors." Being a Kindergarten teacher for years, I have probably been exposed to every single kind of safety scissors ever made. And let me tell you, I have never found a pair of scissors that I love for little hands, until now. We have talked quite a bit recently about how we are working on developing the children's fine motor skills by strengthening the small muscles in their hands. Well, cutting always tends to be difficult. Especially in the beginning when little hands are weak. The regular safety scissors are just that, safe. Safe for little ones, so that they will not cut themselves, but they are basically just a smaller less sharp version of adult scissors. They are not designed with the children's hand muscles in mind. However, FISKARS makes a pair of safety scissors that really addresses this need (pictured above). The two hands of the scissors are attached together and the children just need to squeeze to make the scissors work. Genius, I tell you, pure genius! We have made cutting a game where every time we squeeze the scissors to cut we say "squish." The children love their squishy scissors and so do I!

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