Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fish Frenzy...

Today we had a fabulous day! We continued our ocean theme and also worked on the letter Xx and the number one. Today was the first day that the children practiced writing the number one all by themselves and let me just share they did a phenomenal job!! They were so proud of themselves. I really wish I could have recorded their squeals of delight as they wrote on their papers. They were happy, having fun, and incredibly proud of their latest accomplishment. It was great to be a part of that moment!

We have also been working on color identification. The children are doing great with this and have made a lot of progress. Today we worked on the color yellow. We made yellow collages and the little ones loved taking pictures out of magazines and gluing the pictures down onto their yellow papers.

Our big project this afternoon was to create an underwater scene using foam shapes and stickers. There was a great deal of learning taking place that the children were completely unaware of. All they knew is they having a great time, but I was well aware of all oCheck Spellingf the wonderful learning taking place in the room. Let me share..

This activity led to practicing counting (number of ocean animals in their picture), sorting (putting the ocean animals into different groups), color identification (identifying what color each animal was), and fine motor practice (taking the backing off of each sticker and placing it in their desired location). Look at all of this great learning taking place and they never even knew it! All they know is they had a great time and asked when we will be able to do it again! I love it was they have so much fun! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! We sure are!!

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