Daily Schedule

7:00-8:00am          Arrival, Free Play, Puzzles

8:00-8:45am          Breakfast and Clean Up

8:45-9:00am          Gross Motor Movement/ P. E.

9:00-9:15am          Music

9:15-9:45am          Morning Circle Time

9:45-10:00am        Free Choice Activities

10:00-10:20am      Snack and Clean Up

10:20-10:40am      Outside Play

10:40-10:55am      Story Time

10:55-11:00am     Clean Up for lunch

11:00-11:40am     Lunch (preparation, eating, and clean up)

11:40-12:00pm     Art

12:00-12:20pm     Dramatic Play

12:20-12:40pm     Math

12:40-12:50pm     Clean up, potty time

12:50-1:00pm       Quiet Music / Story

1:00-3:00pm         Nap Time

3:00-3:20pm        Afternoon Snack and Clean up

3:20-3:40pm       Outside Play

3:40-4:00pm       Science or Social Studies

4:00-4:20pm       Music

4:20-4:40pm       Fine Motor Activities (Cutting & Tracing)

4:40-5:00pm      Story

5:00-5:30pm     Closing Circle Time, Clean Up, Pack Up

*Please note that our schedule is very flexible and is changed (without notice) based upon the children's needs each day.  The purpose of the schedule is to provide the children with structure, while still allowing for changes to occur based upon the individual circumstances of each day.

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