Educational Philosophies

Why we do what we do!
Care and Educational Philosophies

Here at Achieve Preschool and Daycare we are deeply committed to doing what is best for each individual child.  Each child is treated with compassion, understanding, nurturing, and kindness.  At Achieve your child will be safe, happy, and treasured for their individuality.

Communication is the "key" to any relationship, especially when it concerns YOUR child.  As a result, we welcome all feedback and encourage you to communicate openly and honestly about your wants, needs, and expectations for your son or daughter and their care.

We also strongly believe that the most effective way for children to learn is by having fun, exploring, and experimenting in their environments.  In our program, each child goes at their own pace using, using a variety activities to learn new concepts.  The activities that are planned are developmentally appropriate and are exciting for the children.  By approaching education in this way, I hope to being a positive path  of  "learning for life," for your child.

Please know that we love what we do and hope that you allow us the privilege of getting to know both your child and your family.

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