Monday, July 25, 2011

Creative Crabs...

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! This past week has been rough in the blogging arena. Technical difficulties, blog crashes, camera's been enough to make a girl need a vacation! Whew! Well, even with all of the challenges I have faced this past week, I'm not giving up. I'm bound and determined to master the art of blogging and I appreciate you sticking in there with me.
The cute little guy above was actually made on Friday, but he was too cute not to share. He was created by the children painting their hands and using their hand prints to bring to life another one of our sea creatures from our ocean unit. We had a lot of fun with this activity. The children all giggled and were squirmy as the cool paint was brushed onto their little hands. They became excited as they attached Mr.Crab's eyes, but the most enjoyable part of all for our little preschool friends had to be the sand! Of course, we had to play with the sand first, which is a great sensory activity for our young friends. Overall, this activity was definitely one of the children's favorite in the ocean unit.
This week we will be wrapping up our ocean unit and finishing up the alphabet with the letter Zz. Today the children met Zach the Zebra. He collects zippers, loves to eat zucchini, and lives in the zoo. The children made their very own Zach the Zebra puppet that will be coming home today. We will also continue working on our colors and shapes. I hope everyone is having an outstanding Monday!

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