Friday, August 19, 2011

Beautiful Bees...

Last week we worked on the letter Bb here at Achieve Preschool! And boy, did we have a great time! We sorted buttons, tossed balloons, blew bubbles, and ate blueberries. These were all fun and enjoyable, but my absolute favorite was this little guy pictured above. Meet Benjamin the Bee, complete with a stinger and all! The children really enjoyed making our paper bag whales during our fish until, so I decided to modify the activity and created this bee to help in our celebration of our letter of the week.

While of course, he was fun to make, we also worked on many important skills. The children utilized their fine motor skills while stuffing the bag, painting, gluing on his eyes, attaching his wings and antenna, and drawing his smile. We also practiced our color identification and counting skills as they added his stripes. So much fun!

This week we have moved on to the letter Cc. Keep checking back to see what fun creation we will come up with!

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